Doha is no different from any other location in the world, safety and security of all people is a paramount concern and from time to time essential security measures are required.

Approximately 80,000 people visit the religious complex in Doha on a typical Friday, this is a HUGE number which we are excited and proud of.

On arrival please follow the guidance of the onsite police and security personnel and you will be able to park safely and swiftly make your way to church service.

On arrival park in the main car park to the side of the Religious Complex.




Once parked follow the stream of people to the main security gate, at security you will have your bags scanned and be required to make your way through a metal detector just like regular airport security.

After security turn left following the main road, then right to the last church building on the left.

When inside the building remember to hydrate (it’s hot out there!) and make your way to the Epiphany Chapel on the 1st Floor. The chapel is in the middle of the building at the top of the main stairs. If you cannot find it helpful maps are on the walls near every entrance and there are lots of helpful friendly folk who can direct you.