God’s Calling

“The greatest need of our time is simply to be the Church, to love one another, and to offer our lives for the sake of the world.   

The creation of living, breathing, loving communities of faith is the foundation of all the other answers.”


Each member of the Church community of Epiphany is warmly invited to prayerfully consider what Church ministries God might be calling them to explore and be a part of for the next 12 months.

Secondly, to prayerfully consider what God given spiritual gifts and talents each of us have to help grow the Church’s life and mission.

Thank you to everyone who has served in ministry in the past year and to all who have shared their God given talents and time for the benefit of all.

Thank you!

Fr Paul

To download the God's Calling 2018 form, Click Here

To download the Handbook with detailed descriptions of each ministry, Click Here

Worship and Music

Dance: Present dance worship in a Church service. This will involve preparation.

Choir (adult and children): Sing anthems to enhance worship. Help lead congregation in hymns and service music. Preparation before service.

Musician: Play hymns and service music on keyboard instruments for services. Accompany choirs on other instruments. Service and preparation time.

Bible Reader: Read out aloud the Old Testament and New Testament lessons in the service.

Greeter: Welcome people as they enter the Church; take up the collection; direct people for Communion; clear up after the service.

Audio/Visual: Prepare and test microphones before the service; prepare laptop and soundboard; check the service against the service sheets; run equipment during the service; put system away. Service and preparation time.

Acolyte: Help the clergy during the service by carrying the Cross and Gospel, presenting elements, receiving the offering, lighting and extinguishing candles.

Flowers: Buy, arrange & take flowers to church on Thursday for the Friday Service. Training and guidance will be provided. Flowers are planned & arranged as a group for special services such as Easter etc.

Counting the offering: Count and record offertory money after services. Needed every week to ensure adequate bookkeeping.


Outreach: Be involved in the outreach group to help the Church connect to the wider community by helping people with their needs and concerns.

Friday School teacher/assistant: Plan lessons and teach our young children during Friday services, or assist by helping in the classroom. Materials, ideas and resources provided.

EpiQ Youth facilitator: Assist with planning and presenting programs for our EpiQ Youth. Two hours on Saturdays and planning time.

Leading small adult groups: Lead Bible studies / Linked groups; men’s / women’s groups.



Social: Be involved in the committee to help organise social activities in Church life to become a community of friends.

Refreshments: To organise and serve refreshments after Church services in a spirit of hospitality and joy.

Hosting small Church groups: Opening your home to Church groups e.g. Bible studies and prayer groups. 


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