English Congregation

Friday morning services happen at the Anglican Centre @ 11.00 am. The service is an English Language Eucharist.


Ministries at the Church of the Epiphany


Worship and Music:

Musician Ministry: Play hymns and service music on keyboard instruments for services. Accompany choirs on other instruments.

Dance Ministry: Present dance worship in a Church service.

Choir Ministry: Sing anthems to enhance worship. Help lead congregation in hymns and service music. Preparation before service.

Bible Reader Ministry: Read out aloud the Bible reading in the service.

Greeter Ministry: Welcome people as they enter the Church.

Audio/Visual Ministry: Run equipment during the service.

Acolyte Ministry: Help the clergy during the service.

Flowers Ministry: Arrange flowers for the weekly church services.



Outreach Ministry:  Help the Church connect to the wider community by helping people with their needs and concerns.

Friday School Ministry: Plan lessons and teach our young children during Friday services.

EpiQ Youth facilitator Ministry: Assist with planning and presenting programs for our youth.

Prayer Ministry: Commit to set aside weekly time to pray for the Church, it’s leaders, ministries and all involved in the Church, as well as the wider community in which we live.



Social Ministry: To help organise social activities in Church life to become a community of friends.

Refreshments Ministry: To organise and serve refreshments after Church services in a spirit of hospitality and joy.

Women’s Ministry Meet as fellowship groups once a month for discipleship and fellowship.

Men’s Ministry: Meet with the men’s fellowship group once a month to engage in fellowship activities with other men from the Church.

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